Sunday, 9 June 2013

Some Stuff You Should Know About



There are some things going on behind the scenes that you should all be aware of, but if I just come out and tell it, nobody would believe it.  In fact, I would probably be hauled off to the funny farm along with people who see Bigfoot (but never have their camera ready) or who think they’re Napoleon.  Nevertheless, like I said, you should know about this stuff.  You should know because it affects you and everybody you love.
There are some organizations that are satanic without a doubt.  The Masons (also called Freemasons) are one that most Christians know about.  But just in case you’re not informed about the Masons, their rites include candidates binding themselves with ropes, stabbing themselves in the chest, calling down curses upon themselves and their family, and doing service to Egyptian gods, including horace, rah, and one called jah-bu-lon, “the great architect of the universe.”  There are 5-pointed stars and candles, and robes, and a goat god.  The Masons accept members of all faiths, but mainly consist of Christians.  These undiscerning Christians believe that Masonry is consistent with Christianity mostly because 1. they want to believe it; 2. it’s a great networking opportunity; and 3. they see the many good works of the Masons (children’s hospitals, schools, etc.).  But make no mistake, it is satanic.

The Vatican is watching the sky for aliens and UFO’s.  Right!  Aliens.  They are using the facility in Arizona at the Mount Graham International Observatory—using a telescope called Lucifer!  If you google the term Lucifer telescope (or just follow that link), you’ll find the top link is a Wikipedia page titled Large Binocular Telescope.  Scroll down to the section titled Instruments and in the middle of the list you’ll find Lucifer—that’s what the Vatican is using to watch the sky.  I believe that when the Bride of Christ is caught away in the Rapture, the Vatican is going to say that we were taken up by aliens.  They will probably say that Jesus was an alien, and they will encourage the worship of aliens.  The antichrist will no doubt be revealed as an alien.  Make no mistake, there are no aliens or UFO’s—it is all a satanic deception.
Are you ready to send me to the loony bin?  Don’t take my word for it, look these things up for yourself.  And while you’re at it, take a look at the following:

The Club of Rome – See what their own organization has to say about overpopulation and how this think tank recommends depopulating the planet.
The Committee of 300 – This is the organization behind the Club of Rome.  They have already done

Bohemian Grove – OK, the tone Alex Jones uses can make you think that he’s a conspiracy theorist nutball, but everything he shows and tells you can be verified.  The Cremation of Care ceremony is without a doubt satanic, and George W. Bush, and many other presidents and world leaders have been involved in these ceremonies for over 120 years.
All of these things are leading up to a one-world government and global depopulation.  Please check these things out for yourself.